NZO Workshop post about a 2013 Ford Ranger

Michael Walkley from NZ Fish Hunt Dive came to us wanting something out the gate, cool but practical as he's very heavily involved in the in the fishing and hunting scene in New Zealand, so he needed a solid vehicle to rely on. This is what Michael, NZOffroader and JC Fabworks have put together to not only look the part but do exactly what Michael needs in a ute and a daily driven vehicle.

Fitted to the vehicle is:

  • 2inch Suspension lift kit (To help with ride height but also offer a much better ride over factory suspension)
  • New Wheels and tyres (285/70/17 Achilles XMT tyres 17/8 -19 Steel D-tech wheels )
  • Black MCC Front nudge bar
  • New Ranger Grill with a custom mounted front 20 inch light bar
  • MCC Snorkel fitted
  • Thule Roof rack system that incorporates a front 42inch light bar and a rear 20inch light bar that sit flush with the top of the rail so they are practical but not in the way of using the rack system for Fishing rods or anything he may need to carry up there
  • Bolt on Kut Snake flares to help with wide tyre coverage but also give the ute a very aggressive look