Superwinch Mainland Challenge 2019 - Round 5 - Christchurch

Last weekend Richard and I flew down to Christchurch for the final round, round 5, of the Superwinch Mainland Challenge. Arriving on Thursday night and staying with Brent Holden from Gorilla Racing, a team NZOffroader supports, and a truck that was going for the series win.

Come Friday morning we shot off to the winch comp, located on a farm in Methven about an hours drive from Christchurch's airport. Having a bit of fun getting the trucks and gear up to the pit's - The 100 Series towed the Gorilla truck, a RWD Holden Colorado and the trailer that was on the back of that.

Once there and enjoying the crisp, wet and cold weather that was put on for us, we prepped for the night stages. Unfortunately, with rain and lack of light our footage was very minimal. But to give you an idea here are some images:

Night time approaching with Gorilla Racing

Overview of the Methven pits

Overview of the whole round 5 farm

Gorilla Racing truck

Some trucks at the comp

Gorilla Racing's first stage for the round

Comp trucks lining up for a stage

The night stages started from 8PM and went on until close to 12. Afterwards, we packed up and shot back to Brent's and left the remaining competitors to camp out for the night. 

With an early start Saturday morning we got back to farm at 7:30AM for a 8:30AM start, having much of the same weather conditions it made for a hard day, Brent and navi Cole did well to power through their stages. Again we didn't get much footage due to rain on the lenses and lack of visibility. Sunday however, the day started with some sun and the rain held back, which gave us plenty of footage.

Myself and Richard were chasing Gorilla Racing around the stages, climbing hills and powering around on the quad bike to get what we could - We ended up with over 200GB's of photo's and videos, from GoPro footage, drone footage and our cameras - You may have already seen our Facebook Live Stream, which you can see here: 


Come Sunday night we were at the local tavern for prize giving, catching up with the South Island boys and watching Brent, Gorilla Racing take first place for both the round and the whole series in the Outlaw class. It was an awesome result and a great time to celebrate! 

Brent accepting his trophy

1st place trophies

We will look to do a few more posts about similar events we manage to get to, and also stay tuned for videos and images to come from this weekend (After I manage to get through all the videos we have).

To wrap up, it was an awesome weekend and made for a hard Monday with a 7:30am flight and having celebrated all night. It was a wicked experience to see how the South Island do offroading, to see some extreme trucks and some great valued people - If you are into offroading and want to see some-of, if not the best trucks in New Zealand definately make an effort to get there next year!

Special thanks to Brent for letting us tag along, and a big congrats to Brent, Cole and Aaron of the Gorilla Racing team for taking the champs spot!