Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the new NZOffroader website. It has been a long time coming.

The old website ran its course, as some of you know, it has been struggling. With the new website we have aimed to provide an easier way to find parts for your trucks, along with more accurate searching and generally better performance.


Here are a few things you should know

  • Feel free to contact us at anytime either via Facebook Messenger or 0800 NZOFFROD

  • Not all available parts are on the website yet we have yet to add a large number of parts, if you do not see your part for your truck here simply contact us either via the 'Message Us' button at the top of the website, or by calling us on our 0800 number. It is likely we can get the part you want.

  • Laybuy is available, but isn't always correct with it's repayments, Laybuy has a limit of up to $1,200 for any customer. If your part(s) is over $1,200 you can still order with Laybuy but you will need to match the difference at time of purchase. Even though the repayments say otherwise - this is a problem with Laybuy that we will fix with them ASAP

  • Shipping is not currently ready, while we can provide shipping it is not available on this website yet simply order and select 'request shipping quote' and we will contact you with shipping prices - We know this is a little annoying, but bare with us as we get it sorted, it may take some time due to the amount of products, different weights, sizes and locations.

  • Keep a look out for new changes and products as we will be continously updating this website, with something being added or changed every week. If you have any suggestions, problems or something that isn't quite right, please contact us as we'll be happy to resolve it.


Everything else aside, please enjoy the new website :)